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Providence Youth Lacrosse League
  1. This organization shall be known as the Providence Youth Lacrosse League, and shall be a non-profit organization’
  1. To promote sportsmanship and athletic achievement to the highest level each individual can achieve in a manner that honors the game of lacrosse. This will include, but is not limited to, developing the individual and team skills necessary for play, teaching the rules of the game, and developing self respect, respect for fellow players and officials, and respect for the traditions of the game.
  1. As a member of the Rhode Island Chapter of US Lacrosse, Providence Youth Lacrosse League, will endeavor to develop and promote the game of lacrosse in the city and towns of Providence, Pawtuckets, East Providence, Seekonk, and Rehoboth.
  1. Any person who supports or furthers the aims and purposes of this organization shall be considered a member.
  1. All lacrosse players who are participants of a Providence Youth Lacrosse League team, upon registration shall be considered a member.
Director: Presides over all meetings of the league and the Board. The Director shall assist all other members as needed. The director must attend all monthly meetings of the Rhode Island Youth Lacrosse League. The director shall also be in charge of determining that all actions of the organization are in accordance to the by-laws.
Immediate Past Director: The Immediate Past Director is a voting member of the Board.
Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect all monies due to the organization and deposit them accordingly; maintain current records of all financial standings of the institution, and pay all bills owed by the organization.The Treasurer shall be responsible for procuring and maintaining Directors and Officer’s Liability Insurance and such other insurance policies than the Board may authorize from time to time. The Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring that the annual tax returns are filed and shall be tasked with the responsibility of filing the tax returns consistent with PYL’s status as a 501(c)(3) corporation. At every Board meeting, the Treasurer shall report to the Board as to the financial affairs and condition of PYL.
Secretary: The Secretary shall record and keep the minutes of all meetings; keep a current list of all members with their correct information; and maintain a file containing all documents of the organization.
Fundraising/Booster Club Coordinator: Organize and carry out various fund raising events for the league, directly solicit individual and business sponsorship of the league.
Facilities Coordinator: Permitting for Hope High Field with Providence School Department, Field Scheduling with Moses Brown, Scheduling of practices, order field painting & lining for Hope High School and Lacrosse goal distribution and maintenance.
Website Coordinator: The Web Coordinator shall be responsible for publishing and maintaining Providence Youth Lacrosse League organization web site with accurate, current contents.
Girl’s Program Coordinator: Coordinates the Recruiting, Training, Registration, and background checks for coaches for the Girl’s teams.
Boy’s Program Coordinator: Coordinates the Recruiting, Training, Registration, and background checks for coaches for the Boy’s teams.
Equipment Coordinator: Coordinates Coaches equipment needs at beginning of the season and throughout the season if needed. (I.e. Orders goalie equipment if needed, lacrosse balls, cold packs, extra mouth guards, and First Aid kits.)
Special Events Coordinator:   Organizes and arranges for end of year event, and coordinates awards. This position is also responsible for organizing the mid season team photos.
  1. The Board shall be the governing body of the organization.
  2. Each member of the board shall hold a 1-2 year term.
  3. A Quorum of the Board shall consist of a majority of the active Board members.
  4. Vacancies- If, for any reason, there shall be a vacancy on the Board, or an elected position, the board shall, by nomination and election, fill each vacancy for the unexpired term.
  5. An Annual Meeting will be held once per year to elect Board members as necessary or to vote on other business for the association.
  1. The fiscal year shall run from July 1 to June 30.
  1. These by-laws may be amended at any meeting in which a quorum of the board is present. Any changes or proposals must be submitted at the previous meeting.